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Thousands of Toronto students just walked out over OSAP cuts

Students at colleges and universities in Toronto and the rest of the province have walked out of class today in protest of several of Doug Ford's education cuts. 

Today's protest, along with many others, was sparked by the province's cuts to student loan funding and policies, which many students depend on to get an education. 

blogTO✔@blogTOHuge turnout at #Ryerson for the province-wide student walk out against OSAP cuts #Toronto 10812:40 PM - Mar 20, 2019

The removal of the grace period to repay OSAP loans and slashing funding for low-income students are among just some of the controversial moves by the province in recent months. 

blogTO✔@blogTO#UofT students gathering at the province-wide walk out against OSAP cuts today #Toronto 10812:37 PM - Mar 20, 2019

Now, thousands of students around the province at dozens of schools walked out of their classrooms at noon. Organizers state that they will "not tolerate [the province's] attacks on students."

blogTO✔@blogTO#Ryerson students at the province-wide student walk out against OSAP cuts today #Toronto 42712:33 PM - Mar 20, 2019

Ryerson, OCAD, U of T, and many other schools in the Toronto area participated, with many students banding together to protest the cuts.

Tyler Brown@TylerBrown429Kudos to all the students walking out of class today to protest the changes to OSAP. I hope Ford is listening. Keep making cuts that hurt the young people in this province, but don't be surprised when your family loses office. We are the future and we will vote 1512:47 PM - Mar 20, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy

Rallies also saw huge walkouts in Ottawa, Kingston, St. Catharines, and dozens of other communities in the province. 

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